Airbnb | Cottage in Japanese Garden

Photo Credit: Airbnb

If you read my previous Airbnb post about How to Get the Most from Your Business Travel then you already know that I love it. Today, I rented a space that was way too cool not to share. It is definitely high on the list of my favorite Airbnb rentals. This space makes me want to search the world all of the cool and unique Airbnb rentals. They call is the Cottage in a Japanese Garden in East Nashville. Just take a look for yourself.

I found this space while searching for a place to rent during my work travel. Little did I know, it is actually a brand new build. The cottage still has that new house smell! Taking up most of the backyard, this little cottage is a nice surprise and serves as added income for the owners. The lady of the house told me that they built it so that they can have their parents live there if needed. But for now, it’s a rental space. I think that it’s perfect!

Owning a home has been on my mind a lot lately. Owning a home with enough space to host Airbnb guests is now an absolute must. The more that I rent using  Airbnb, the more I see how much a game changer the platform can be for home owners. Just a few decades ago, it was not uncommon for people to host boarders in their homes. This helps to pay the mortgage. I have decided that whatever home, I purchase, it will definitely have a guest house or full basement with a private entrance so that I can easily host guests. This may be a sacrifice of a man cave for my future husband or studio for myself but I think that the idea of paying down that mortgage sooner, will make it all worth it.

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  • This place is so cute! I love that you look for cozy houses instead of plain old hotels.

    A co-worker of mine runs an Airbnb in Prairie Village, and it is SUCH a good deal for her. And she always meets the most interesting people!


  • I completely agree! 🙂