Annoying Natural Hair Questions

Annoying Natural Hair Questions

Photo Credit: Shuttershock

So there was a post by   from Natural Hair Rules a while back about 10 of the most annoying questions that she has had asked while being natural. I decided to reply how I feel about the questions.

1. Can I touch it? I am do not get offended someone asks if they can touch my hair. I am not even offended if they touch my hair without getting permission. I do however, have a problem when folk pat my head like I am a dog. I can say this is related to me being natural because I had it happen prior to stating my natural journey. I think they do it because I am short. (I think).

2. Is all that your hair? I get responses like, “look at all of that hair” and “Oh. I thought it was a wig”!

3. Is it hard to comb? Usually only people that know me personally and knows that I am tender headed ask me how I can have the nerve to be natural and be tender headed. (The nerve of those folks, lol).

4. What made you do that? Lol, this question is hilarious. THAT! Like it’s a disease. I have had folk ask why did I go natural but not with a negative tone.

5. Are you really natural? Nope I can’t say that I have had that question. It’s pretty obvious that I am really natural.

6. What is it supposed to be doing? I have heard variations of that comment from the one that I call MOM. She is my biggest HATER! Just recently after 5 years she has complimented my hair.

7. Are you going to do/comb your hair? Again this is something that MOM would say even on a day that my hair is particularly DOPE. (The Nerve).

8. How do you wash it/that? I haven’t had that question yet. Mostly questions about my routine but not how to what it

9. How do you get your hair to do that? Yes I get this question often but mostly because someone wants to try and duplicate the style. I have even had folk that were not natural duplicate my styles and that’s dope.

10. Did you cut your hair? Yes this question is asked by a lot of non natural/ethnic people. The don’t really understand shrinkage and how I can have long and short hair without cutting it. LOL.


It was fun responding to these questions but they are not at all annoying to me. Well except the part about my mom not accepting my hair the way that it grow from my scalp. But honestly I love getting questions. It gives me the opportunity to connect with more naturals of those who may someday become natural. What are some questions that are annoying to you?