Busy Schedule? Here are 5 Tips to help you HANDLE IT!

Busy Schedule? Here are 5 Tips to help you HANDLE IT!

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Are you using your time wisely? Do you have a to-do list that never seems to get done? I am working on multiple projects and want to make sure that I am utilizing my time effectively so that I can stay focused and get things done.

Last week Rachel Odem from Rachel O. Beauty posted on Facebook:

Running a business from home is such a challenge for me, I struggle a lot because I have so much to do to keep up with multiple projects and the demands of being a dare I say it “housewife” LOL what’s your best MommaPreneur advice?

At the time my simple reply was to HAVE A SCHEDULE. But I wanted to say more, I was just busy at the time. So I decided to write down how I handle my multiple projects. Here are 5 Tips to help you HANDLE IT.

Create a To-Do list

We are all familiar with To-Do lists. Although this may seem like an unnecessary task, it is very important when it comes to allocating your time and making sure that you get things done. We often make a mental check list of what needs to be done but actually writing a checklist is best. You are able to see what you have to do and work your way through the list.

Set a date

Set dates with yourself and make a commitment to get things done. Make time for the things that you need to do by marking task in your calendar and actually handle the things that you need to take care of. I am working on a book and I actually mark in my schedule the days that I want to write and the days that I will read to do research for the book. Sometimes I set dates to handle something months in advance. I set myself a 24-hour notice to remind me of those future to-do’s.

Time yourself

I know that you are busy and we often dread starting a new task in fear of it taking up too much time within our busy lives. Don’t just create a To-Do list and mark the day that you want to do it. Actually put a start and end time. This will allow you to set a realistic time-frame for how long it will take to handle your task while not interfering with the other things that you have going on in your busy life. When I am cleaning my home, I set a timer on my cell phone and stop or wrap up my chores after the bell rings. Setting my timer helps me to stay on task because I know that I need to get everything done in the allocated time. When I set my timer I am less likely to get distracted by thinks like Facebook or TV.

Reschedule incomplete tasks

It is OK if you cannot complete everything at once or if something comes up and you cannot handle the task when you expected. Simply reschedule your take for a later time or a later date in the near future so that it gets done. We are not always able to have complete control over our schedules but don’t allow interruptions of your schedule or not being able to complete everything at once discourage your from completing your tasks.

Mark it DONE

Finally, when you have completed a task; MARK IT DONE. You have HANDLED IT! That’s an accomplishment and now you can create your new to-do list.

I hope this article is helpful. What are some things that you have been putting off and need to HANDLE. If you have already done it, reply HANDLED IT!