I love to decorate and over the years have spent tens of thousands of dollars on home decor. When I decided to move last year, I wanted to re-do my new home with mostly new (or new to me) items. I started selling everything then was hit with a lease discrepancy. In the end I had a bare living area which was okay for a few months but eventually started being pretty pathetic. I set a goal for a temporary solution until I moved. I wanted to try to redo my living space for around $500. Hey, I am always up for a challenge and knew that I could make it work. My main goal was to get a sofa and dining table. I really did not want to do a lot of accessorizing because I would much rather spend that money styling my new home. But, I found some fabulous new pieces that I do not plan to part with after the move; especially my gorgeous cigar sofa. You do not have to spend a lot of money to make your home look as if you did. Be sure to check out the video at the end for a mini home tour. By the way, I shot this right in the middle of the move. All of my belongings are currently in storage because my new home will not be ready for another 15 whole days. That is a whole other story that I will have to share in another post but I hope that you love my Craigslist Home Decor Haul.

igar Sofa: Marsha Willis Living

I go on Craigslist to “window shop”. I go through and search for a specific item and then add it to my favorites. If I really love the item I will send an email to make an offer. Adding them to my favorites helps to organize my likes so that I can go back. This gorgeous Cigar sofa for listed for $1300 and I simply sent an offer asking if they would take $300. Desperate to get rid of the sofa since closing on the home plus leaving the country; the original owners took my offer. Now I have a sofa that was only owned for 1 year plus has an extended warranty. This sofa retails starting at $2,800. It’s white linen and weighs a whopping 238 pounds.

Cigar Sofa: Marsha Willis Living Cigar Sofa : Marsha Willis Living Cigar Sofa : Marsha Willis Living

Dining Table : Marsha Willis Living

I also lucked out with this mix matched dining pair. This table set it actually the second one that I purchased within a few weeks of each other. The first one did not match the flow of the room so I decided that I wanted a dark round table with white chairs. I picked up the these sort of off white/cream micro suede chairs at an estate sale that was listed on Craigslist for only $200. I can’t remember what the seller originally wanted for the set but I believe that it was in the neighborhood of $260. I found the table originally listed for $500 and purchased it for $100. A steal, right? Yes,  I know that my huge wall clock if up a bit high.  I originally had a counter height table there and never bothered to lower the crazy heavy clock. Plus that darn thermostat is in the way. 🙂

Off White Suede Dining Chairs : Marsha Willis Living Round Dining Table : Marsha Willis Living Round Dining Table : Marsha Willis Living


Wood Rectangle Table : Marsha Willis Living

This extra long wood table was not a Craigslist find but I also got it at a steal. I found this at the Thrift Store and they were having a 50% off sale for specific color sales tags. This table ended up being $14.99. I plan to stain it to match my dining table after I settle into my new home.

Gold Round Mirror : Marsha Willis Living Gold Round Mirror : Marsha Willis LivingOkay, funny story. This cute gold mirror is a $10 Craigslist find. The seller was busy so told me that s/he would leave the mirror on the porch and trusts that I will leave the money in the door. Basically, I went to pick up my mirror. I’ve had the wood console for many years. I plan to stain it as well but not sure if I will have a space for it in my new home.

Gold Round Table :  Marsha Willis Living Gold Round Table : Marsha Willis Living

This gold table was only $10 as well. I actually thought it was bigger, maybe the size of a tea table. This table is super cute table and has some great details. I will have to get a better image of it at my new home so that you can see the design.




I can’t wait until I am fully moved so that I can completely style my new home. I already have a my color scheme planned. I am going to be good and not do any shopping until I am fully moved. I think! ; )


I will list some furniture dupes below in case you’d like to shop the post but of course I encourage you to try to find all of these items for less. 🙂

Cigar Sofa: Craigslist $300

Dining Table: Craigslist $100

Dining Chairs: Estate Sale via Craigslist  $200

Coffee Table: Thrift Store $15 @ 50% off

Round Mirror: Craigslist $10

Round Gold Table: $10

Zebra Chair (Old): Overstock

Large Round Wall Chock (Old) Old Time Pottery

White Desk (Old): Walmart

Red Desk Chair (Old): Old Time Pottery

Shelves (Old): Lowes

Hall Mirror (Old) : Old Time Pottery

Wall Art Pair by Li Leger (Old): Old Time Pottery

Console Table (Old): J.C. Penny



Under the Stairs Desk: Marsha Willis Living
20150829_055923Under the Stairs Desk: Marsha Willis Living

I had one of those wacky under the stairs cave that  I added book shelves and a desk to create my office nook. I really love this space. It took me about $300 to create this space.


I’d like to see your fabulous Craigslist finds. If you like what you see be sure to subscribe so that you will never miss a post. This post is not sponsored.


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