It’s one whole degree outside in Kansas City this morning so I decided to make me a new sweater beanie since the one that I made for myself last week ended up going to Olivya.  I am so glad that I learned how to create these no-sew D.I.Y. Slouchy Beanies from old sweaters. Gone are the days of spending $15-100 on just one beanie. Now, I can also easily create them in different sizes,  textures, colors and patterns for less than $5. How fabulous is that?

Marsha Willis Living

Make your own beanie using old sweaters.  It’s very fast and will save you cash. Follow along and you’ll soon have your own collection of cool Beanies too.

Marsha Willis LivingMarsha Willis Living

What you need

  • Old Sweater (found mine at the Thrift Store for $1.98) If you have an old sweater then it’s FREE. Children’s size work too. 
  • Glue Gun (you may use sewing machine
  • Tape measure
  • Black marker
  • Scissors

Marsha Willis LivingMarsha Willis LivingFirst cut the upper portion of the sweater straight across from sleeve to sleeve.


Measure your around your head then take half that measurement to mark for the band. Leave a little for the seam but not too much because the sweater has some stretch. 20150109_060133

I like to place a pin in the middle of the fabric.
Marsha Willis LivingCut the first side with a curve.  You can use a hat and trace it of just free hand. I want this hat to be very big for when my hair is big. I am fine with the straight line across because I don’t want my hat to be a cone shape.20150109_060337Marsha Willis LivingI then fold in half to cut the other side. 

If needed, trim the top even. Would have trimmed the top if this turned out to be a cone shape. I basically skipped a step. Marsha Willis LivingI turned the fabric inside out with right side facing each other. As you can see my shape is not perfect, but that’s okay. Marsha Willis LivingGlue the sides all the way up to the top leaving 2-3 inches in the middle. Marsha Willis LivingIf you can see the glue, this is where I stopped gluing on the sides; leaving 2 inches in the middle. Marsha Willis LivingThen you will turn your hat and fold in the opposite direction leaving the seams running down the middle. Marsha Willis Living

Next you will glue the remaining portion of the hat together making 4 seams at the top maxing an X. This is so that the hat will lay properly at the top. Marsha Willis Living

Here is how your hat should look while inside out. Marsha Willis LivingHere is the finished hat with the right sides out. 

Marsha Willis LivingD.I.Y. Slouchy BeanieMarsha Willis Living

This whole project should take you less than 10 minutes and is very easy. You can make it a family activity and create for cool hats for the kiddos. Adding bows, rhinestones and other embellishments are a great way to jazz things up. Be sure to become a FREE member of Marsha Willis Living for more fabulous D.I.Y. projects.