Today is Miss Willow Smith‘s 14th Birthday and I can’t get the adorable 6 year old image of Willow out of my head. Over the past few years Willow has definitely made bold moves with her style. She has rocked curly hair, hair whipping extensions, wigs, long hair, short hair, pink hair, blond hair. She definitely has a swagger of her own, putting together looks that have all the little girls wanting to up cycle their clothing  to mimic Willow’s you can’t just find that on the rack, look.  Along with her ever changing hair and fly outfits, earlier this week I came across a photo of Willow rocking black lipstick and all that I could still picture was the adorable 6 year old with curly hair. So that brought me to the question, Does Your Daughter Wear Bold Hair and Lip Color Like Willow Smith?

SNY does not own this image.

SNY does not own this image.

SNY does not own this image.

SNY does not own this image.

At 14, I still think that she is adorable. My Olivya is 10 and hates fashion especially dresses, has no interest in makeup; basically she couldn’t care less about anything “girly”.  I’m not sure how much longer this will last. I just about fell over last year when I noticed her classmate had color lifted hair and lipstick in the 4th grade. I decided in my head that age 30 would be a perfect time for my daughter to experiment.

Yep,  30 seemed perfectly logical to me. I don’t want my baby to grow up sooner than she has to. She is absolutely devastated that she has to wear a bra everyday, so maybe I don’t have anything to worry about.  Then I began thinking about how I was a FREE child growing up. My mom pretty much let me do any and everything that I wanted to do. I could play in her makeup whenever I wanted, my hair was shaved in the back in the 5th grade, I had color lifted hair and purple hair while in middle school, she took me to get a tattoo when I was in the 9th grade and I had my own apartment during my senior year in high school.

I recently asked mom to explain why she allowed my to be so FREE and her explanation was, “because you were perfect.  I never had to worry about you getting into trouble.” It’s funny because I recall going outside to play with red lips while in elementary school and never wearing any form of makeup until my late twenties and even then only eye shadow and Lip gloss.  Only recently have I been playing in foundation and lipstick.  I also didn’t attend my first concert or go to a night club until my late twenties. I have never smoked cigarettes or tasted alcohol. Plus I think that tattoos are stupid. It was those thoughts that made me just a little curious; I wondered what my daughter would actually look like in makeup.

Olivya Willis: Marsha Willis: Savvy Natural YouOlivya Willis: Marsha Willis: Savvy Natural You


I first shaped Olivya’s brows, which is something that I do regularly because those things are wicked. Then I highlighted her brows and filed them in. Next I added some foundation, eye shadow and mascara. Last I added some bright red lipstick; the only bold lipstick that I own. Libby only agreed to participate in my madness, if she could take the makeup right off. Ha, I told you that she isn’t a “Girly Girl”. We took a few Selfies and yes she did look a lot older but she also looked cute and she was still my innocent little girl after it was all over. Plus I now have a model to practice makeup techniques on. It was truly a bonding moment.

I THINK that I am now more open to allowing my daughter to explore and celebrate her femininity and style when she is ready. Baby steps of course but I’ve decided that it’s not such a bad thing. I know that I am a very strict parent. I turned out okay. I just want my children to be one-thousand times better but I guess a little lipstick and hair color will not change how awesome they are and are destined to be.

 At what age do you feel is appropriate for your daughter to experiment with lipstick and hair color?


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