Defining Natural Hair

I consider natural hair to be, your hair just the way it grows from your scalp. It can range from kinky, to curls, waves or straight hair. Your natural hair may be black, brown, blonde or red. It can be long or short or anything in-between. Natural hair is any hair that has not been chemically altered by straighteners or color. This is my method of defining natural hair.

I have heard many kinky/curly textured ladies argue that persons outside of those with African descent or men cannot be natural. This is far from the truth. Anyone can be natural no matter what race. If the hair has not been chemically altered then you are natural.

With that being said, even if you choose to color your hair I still consider you to be part of team natural. I would rather see a natural color her hair than to chemically straightener it and add color to the already processed hair. I have seen so many absolutely fierce kinky haired women with a color job that leaves even me envious.
What I love most about natural hair is the versatility that can allow me to transform me hair into virtually any style possible.

Pictured here are strands of my natural hair. It’s a kink, it’s a curl, it’s a coil, it is nappy and it is dope. My hair is too complicated and too awesome to be categorized by a hair chart.


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