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So I have been taking care of some business in Atlanta over the last few months and decided that I wanted straight hair during my trips. When I get a blowout I expect for my hair to be flawless. I can tell how a blowout will end just by the way a stylist blows my hair dry. If my hair is not bone straight after the use of a blow dryer and round brush; I  know that it will not end well. During my October trip to Atlanta I decided to try out drybar.  This was more of an experiment than a pleasant salon experience. Not only did I waste hours of my life but also ended up doing my own hair. Here is my drybar Review: Naturals Beware.

Me waiting for my blow-out at drybar in Atlanta

I arrived in Atlanta last Friday with hair wrapped in a scarf in need of some attention. I went to drybar as a walk-in and they were understandably busy. Heck, it is Friday night and everyone wants fabulous weekend hair. During my wait I saw the stylist literally get women in and out within 30-45 minutes and each left with beautiful hair. I also noticed they they never put down or turned off the dryer until the blow drying part of the style was done. The salon was fun and up-beat. They served drinks and cookies while you waited or got your hair styled. It was a very nice place. I eagerly waited for more than 3 hours because I wanted hair like the ladies I witnessed leaving the salon. Plus I had nothing else planned until Saturday and Sunday, so I had time to kill. Now I know what some of you are thinking and yes this is supposed to be a multicultural hair salon. In fact the manager on duty and two ladies behind the bar/receptions counter were all African American along with about hair of the stylist. I advised the ladies that I have natural hair, prior to waiting and I asked if their ladies can handle my hair. I was assures that most of their clients have my hair texture. So I waited and waited. I saw at least 3 groups of 6 women come in to get blowouts together. All of the women were Caucasian. So as I am watching the African American stylist slay these ladies hair, I did began to worry. I wondered what my hair would look like afterwards.

I finally started seeing some mixed raced ladies and other women of color come to the salon and may worry shifted just a little but one appeared to have relaxed hair and the others had textures that were a little finer than mine. Coincidentally we all ended up having out hair styled at about the same time so I did not get to see their results before it was my turn. The stylist took me to a chair and asked me what style I wanted. They have a nice magazine with about 7 styles to choose from and all only $40. I chose the Southern Comfort. The stylist took me to the shampoo room and gave me a nice cleanse then I was directed back the the chair. During the cleanse while the stylist had her fingers all up in my curls-coils-kinks, I asked her, “do you feel comfortable with my hair?” Again, she assured me that she was comfortable and told all about how she has the same texture hair. So, OK cool. So I thought. Click here for full story. 

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  • GlitteryGlossy

    Wow that’s terrible! But thank God for SheaMoisture!

  • Wow…I’ve always had good experiences at Drybar, but I only have a years worth of natural hair. I have to say that I like your waves, but I don’t like that the tried to persuade u to relax ur hair. It’s everyone’s choice what to put in their hair, but if you have all natural hair, then obviously u aren’t interested in a perm. Anyway, glad ur twists turned out so cute 🙂

  • Yes, thank God.

  • I was hoping for a better experience.
    I’m sorry if I caused some confusion. She doesn’t try to make me relax my hair. She suggested THE STRAIGHT UP which is one of their styles vs the SOUTHERN COMFORT that I asked for.