I’d like to share my skin care routine that I’ve used since high school. When I was a teenager I worked in the cosmetics section of Walgreen’s Pharmacy and had hundreds of beauty products at my fingertips. I would study the benefits of many products and could get anything that I wanted with my employee discount. However what piqued my curiosity was not a product that was found in the cosmetic section of the store. It was in the first aid isle and smelt like cigarette smoke (in my opinion). I use witch hazel to cleanse face and have been using it for half my life. I never ever use soap on my face and so far have escaped acne.



Marsha Willis


Here is my soap free routine:

1. Take a very warm face towel and put over my face for about one minute. This is very relaxing.

2. I take witch hazel added to a cotton square and wipe my face. Witch Hazel is a natural astringent. You can find out more about Witch Hazel HERE.

3. I take about a pea size amount of olive oil to moisturize my face. That’s it. Olive Oil is fat from olives. You can find out more about Olive Oil HERE.
Escape AcneEscape Acne



A few years ago I started wearing eye makeup. Every so often I use a pop of eye shadow and mascara. But never any face makeup. I am 30 and so far I have managed to skip acne. I also only drink water.

I don’t know for sure if my routine is the reason for me never having acne but I have no desire to change my routine. I love my face and my freckles too. I also love that I have never had acne.