Forever Natural

From the time that I was a child until just a few years ago just about every little brown girl age 5 and above had silky relaxed hair, sometimes long thick and healthy, sometimes severely damaged. It was very uncommon for us to see little brown girls with natural hair. I smile as I walk through the schools, malls and grocery store. I smile when I see little girls with hair like mine and she is over the age of five. I see moms that have extensions, braids and yes, relaxed hair too. I smile even bigger when the mom and daughter are both natural. I feel like there is a huge force that is making its way across the world and is saying that it is okay to be forever natural.

Forever Natural

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Our little brown girls are able to grow up and make an educated decision about how she chooses to wear her hair: natural or relaxed. But she is able to grow up knowing how to properly care for her hair and not think of kinky hair as a difficulty chore.
I think that I speak for many of us when I say that growing up as a non-natural we were taught to throw a relaxer on our heads the moment we notice a ripple near the scalp. We have frantically searched for ways to care for our hair once we returned back to natural, because we simply did not know what to do with it. But that will not be a problem for our little brown girls. The more we help them to embrace the absolute beauty of natural hair; they will be forever equipped with how to manage it.
It excites me to think about how 10, 20 even 40 years from now there will be women that have been forever natural.

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