God’s Got Me and Will Always Protect Me

God's Got MeI have been having some recent struggles and feelings of uncertainties lately. I am an entrepreneur and risk taker but sometimes I question my risks. I have learned so much from my mistakes. I understand that had I not actually made the mistakes in the first place, I wouldn’t have the knowledge or the strength that I have today. I don’t only mean mistakes in business; I mean mistakes in life as well. I am wiser because of my mistakes and I know that at the end of the day, God’s Got ME.

Today I was thinking about the day that I closed my 1st Beauty Supply Store location; I say 1st because there will be others, just wait and see (I’ll have to tell y’all about my store in another post). Anyway, I was a bit bummed out about having to close and purchase boxes to pack up my business but at the same time I felt relieved. I did everything by myself and I needed help. It wasn’t an easy decision to close but it needed to be done. Just when I was feeling that I was all alone and defeated, I was reminded that I am not alone. I told the story below on my Facebook page on August 30, 2013.

I took a dreadful trip to Wal-Mart to pick up some moving boxes. I saw a lady get out of the passenger side of a vehicle next to me. Then I didn’t see her anymore. I couldn’t understand what was going on because I knew that she did not walk away from the vehicle. I noticed two women stop to look. As I was walking away from my vehicle I could see under the car that the old lady was on the ground. The two ladies were old and tiny and not able to help. I walked over and helped her up. She was very heavy and I was afraid that we would both fall, then all of a sudden like magic the weight was lifted and she was up. I realized that a strong man was on the other side of the lady and was really the reason that we both did not tumble back down. She thanked us and he walked away.I looked in the car and saw that there was a very old man on the drivers side…Thanking me and shaking….I could tell that there was no way that he could help. For me that was a reminder that no matter how heavy the load there is always someone mightier and powerful to guild me. God has my back and will always protect me.

As I’m making plans to one day reopen my store I searched through Facebook for this post. Everyday I am reminded how much of a better business women I am today and how better prepared I’ll be next time.

Has this post helped you in anyway? Do you have a similar story? Please share, I would love to hear from you.