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Back to school is fastly approaching. Being single mom of two teens definitely, makes me search for all possible savings. Football, band, basketball, track, field trips, events lunch etc, etc, etc. It’s a never ending list of something for mommy to pay for. All fixed cost and non-negotiable. I will admit that back-to-school puts a huge dent in my budget so being able to find the best deals on clothing, school supplies and electronics are a must! Everyone wants a good deal but waiting for that deal to show up in the Sunday paper is thing of the past. I love to use the internet; specifically, Groupon for back to school saving.

Have you tried Groupon yet? What are you waiting on? Groupon equals on demand deals. Groupon offers BIG savings right now on over 9,000 retailers! That’s over 70,000 coupons, promo codes and deals! The coupon codes also are ALWAYS up to date and to quality retailers. I don’t have to sacrifice quality for saving while being able to get them in-style fashionable gear. Honestly, my teens are not into clothes or trends so it is up to mommy to pay attention to what’s in. Each school year, I do an inventory of their clothes so that I can see what we need to keep, toss or donate.

My strategy

Each school year, I do an inventory of their clothes and shoes so that I can see what we need to keep, toss or donate. Then a make a list of what they need. After that, it’s deal time. I have an advantage to literally living right next door to the mall and within walking distance of many other retailers but I still utilize the shop online option when saving with Groupon. With free shipping at many retailers, why not? Call it lazy or a better use of time, you decide! (Smiles).

Get the deals

I really can find great deals everywhere. Here is a list of my faves. Be sure to look at the full list of Groupon deals that you can use today.





Nordstrom Rack 



Office Depot

Famous Footwear


The Buckle

Microsoft Store

Sam’s Club


What are some of the best deals that you have found on Groupon? Don’t for to share these savings with all of your friends.