Merry Christmas everyone. I hope that you are enjoying the holidays with your loved ones. During this very busy time of the year I wanted to make sure that we did something special for our homeless sisters and brother. I believe in giving as much as possible; rather it’s time, resources or money. It is our responsibility to take care of one another. This year my brother and I decided to put together Homeless Care Packages. I was able to find most items at the Dollar Tree.

Homeless Care Packages | Dollar Tree

This was a fun and very fulfilling project. I had a budget of $300 (That my brother gave me) for 8 care packages and was able to fill those packages with a lot of very useful personal care and food items. Shopping at the Dollar Tree made it easier for me to get more full sizes versus trial sized items. I found the socks and backpack at Wal-Mart. Since there was money left over I decided to add a few more items that are not shown on the video. I added bottled water, chocolate bars, more canned goods, soda and chips. We were originally going to hand out the care packages on Christmas Eve but decided to hand them out today. Along with the care packages my brother will be handing out Hot Meals.

I challenge everyone to create at least one care package. This can be done with a small or large budget. I plan to make smaller, freezer bag sized packages to have in my vehicle. You can add money for a hot meal or bus ride, gift cards or anything else that you feel is useful. There are people in need all year, not just during the holidays. This project made me fell happy and I hope that you feel the same after completing your own Homeless Care Packages.


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My brother gave me $300 to create the care packages, however he did not hire me to create this article or video. This article is also not sponsored by Dollar Tree or Wal-Mart. All opinions are my own.