I am a new houseplant hobbyist. Yes, that is actually a thing! Plants and flowers make me happy; they really do! One day I decided that I wanted to create a jungle inside my home and on my balcony; #UrbanJungle.  All of the plants have created a true tropical oasis inside and outside of my home and I have thoroughly enjoyed caring for my plants. I just dove right into being a houseplant hobbyist, buying plant after plant and have learned a lot of lessons along the way. I want you you to consider these lessons before you buy a ton of houseplants.BEFORE YOU BUY A TON OF HOUSEPLANTS

Start with small houseplants

I know that you want the instant gratification of having beautiful gi-normous houseplants but that can be expensive especially if you kill them all. Purchasing smaller a plant will allow time to learn what it takes to grow your plant into a larger plant and it saves you a lot of money.  Starting small also include starting easy. Start with easy to care for plants. You have one goal:Do not kill your plants. I repeat: DO NOT KILL YOUR PLANTS! Buying a plant because it’s “cute” can mean having a used to be cute not very dead plant.


Educated yourself about each houseplant

Learn what you can about each houseplant that you bring into your home. Youtube is your friend! I have said this over and over again when it comes to natural hair and now I am saying it about plants. Learn the magic mix of what it will take to keep your plant alive. This is why it’s a good idea to slowly add to your collection. Give yourself time to learn what works and doesn’t work for each plant that you bring home to love.

There are many factors when caring for your houseplants. Humidity, lighting requirements, when to water, how much to water, when to fertilize, when to re-pot, propagation, humidity levels, home temperature, etc., are all things that you want to understand when it comes to your houseplants.

I found me a “Plant Daddy” on YouTube. His name is Martine Brucheau and I love learning from him. His enthuaism about plants is contagious! He has two youtube channels that will change your life. I wish that I would have found him before I started my houseplant journey. Get your own Plant Daddy; you can’t have mine! But you can enjoy his videos – Check out “Organics Best” Urban Gardner and Exotic Tropical Houseplants.

Gradually increase your houseplant collection

Slow and steady really is the name of the plant game. As you are slowly introducing new houseplants to your collection. You will being to appreciate the process more while watching your home turn into a sanctuary. When I walk into my home it’s like stepping into a nature reserve that I get to have all to myself. I really love it! Although I did not start small I did learn to slow down. This has given me time to really enjoy my collection.



Spread your houseplants throughout your home

We see all of the Pinterest houseplant clusters of folk plant collections. The clusters are not cute but not logical for the care of your plants plus you are not letting them work for you. Plus many of the plants in the cute clusters have different lighting requirements. I am still working on arranging my plants based on the best lighting. A properly cared for houseplant will increase the air quality of your home. One medium sized houseplant can improve 100 square feet of the air in your home. For my 1000 square foot apartment that means at least 10 plants. Having all of those houseplants in one place versus spread throughout every room within within your home is doing yourself a great disservice. I am working on adding plants to my kids spaces but they are not so thrilled about that idea. That will have to be another post!


I purchased all of these in one day from Walmart. They ranged from 2-8. Even the fiddle leaf fig. I thought that it was cute to have them all clustered together, like the images all over pinterest and instagram but this is not logical.

Houseplants can be a bit messy

I can be a bit of a neat-freak and have been surprised at how messy having houseplants can be. The potting soil spills, gnats, rotting leaves that can stain your carpet, water everywhere and not to mention if you get boston fern mess everywhere. This was all quite a shock for me and a bit overwhelming. Which is why starting small and gradually increasing your collection is important. Learning how to control and eliminate gnats and not have sickly pitiful plants will eliminate most of the mess.


I have not idea how that dirt got there. Grrr!

Learn how to keep your houseplant alive while out of town

Do not be a slave to the care of your houseplants. Your plant should make you happy and the care of them should be effortless. Plant care has become a lifestyle for me. Part of my lifestyle is travel. Learning your plants and knowing their watering intervals is an important factor when setting up a care plan for when you are away. If you decide to trust someone to care for your plants while away, you owe it to your plants to make sure that person has the right care knowledge.

The first time moved nearly all of my plants to my living room, where my home gets the most natural light and rigged up a self watering method. I grouped all of my balcony plants and put together differed self watering method, as well. It worked! I lost a few leaves but did not kill one plant over the 2 week time that I was gone. I did not want all of the hard work and care that I put into my plant babies to be in vain or have to worry about someone overwatering my plants thus killing them. I will post more details about my rigged up system later.

Unfortunately, the process of moving all of the plants and having to move them back was a bit of work but was worth it for a first trip. I know what to do to simplify this process for future trips. Plus I am going to create a diary of watering intervals and amounts for each plant. That way my kids nanny can help out with watering and not kill my plants.


I drilled a tiny hole in the top of a water bottle and stuck it in the dirt. Fancy, huh?


With all of this being said, the bottom line is to really enjoy your houseplants! This is the part when I say, ” do as I say and not as I do!” (smiles) I have definitely learned along some lessons along the way. I currently have nearly 60, yes 60 plants inside my home and on my balcony. Yikes! I have managed to kill about 5 plants, which is amazing compared to the amount of plants that I own. There are many things that I would have done differently and it all really starts with education. I really enjoy do enjoy my plants, nonetheless!

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