When I founded BLACK OWNED BUSINESS – Kansas City, I had one goal: allow the dollar to be passed multiple times within our own community before allowing it to move beyond. Now nearly 2300 members later, I realize that there is much more to be done.


It’s one thing to advocate buying black but we also need more black business that provide goods and services that we use. We have plenty of black owned beauty salons, barber shops, chicken, BBQ and soul food restaurants. Although those businesses are just as important; we also need more Retail (grocery, beauty, clothing, toys, furniture), Medical (Hospitals, Doctors offices, Pharmacies), transportation (car lots, auto mechanics, car washes, taxi services) etc. We need these types of businesses saturated throughout every neighborhood not just the inner city.


I SUPPORT BLACK BUSINESS ON PURPOSE but it can also be an inconvenience when I don’t have much to support in MY own neighborhood. It’s also hard when things that I need are not offered by Black Owned Business. For example if I want to go shopping for clothing and shoes, I MAY find a black owned boutique but they won’t sell anything that I want to wear. I typical run into club wear and street clothing when I need clothing that is high quality, modest and professional. If I want to purchase toys for my children there is not a toy store or other black owned retail outlet that I can go to. IF, I find those things online, I may be buying black but it’s not making an impact in my own backyard.

It’s important to me that I leave a positive impact right here in Kansas City, before spending my money in out of state/city communities. But I would definitely rather put my money into another black community before continuing to fatten the pockets of those that don’t have my people’s advancement and well being in their best interest.


There is a major disconnect between consumers wanting to buy black and there being actual black businesses to support; that are not the typical black business. We need to figure out a solution that will help get more varieties of black businesses from DREAM to ESTABLISHED. And to have more investors and entrepreneurs that are willing to invest into business not related to hair cuts, entertainment and food.

I founded B.O.B.K.C. but it really is not my group it belongs to the community. Join today.

  • Tiffany Perkins

    Hello, I’m looking to be more intentional with my support of Black owned businesses this holiday season and am running into the same issue of Black owned toy stores. do you have any reccomendations?

  • mesha

    I have the same problem. I have a 2 and 4 year old, and all i seem to find is clothing stores or books. Not a bad thing but they do have quite a few hundred books