I have been on a mission to finding a great foundation for photo and video. My biggest fear creating skin problems. I have managed to go 31+ years acne free and I don’t want to learn how to fight problematic skin in my thirties. None the less, I love makeup and I feel like a kid in the toy store each and every time I try something new. This time I am testing out foundation. Keep reading if you would like to see the results of my IMAN EARTH 3 STICK FOUNDATION REVIEW.

I have tried out a few foundations all expensive brands found at the department store and so far all have caused rashes on my face or itching. A makeup artist suggested that I try IMAN. She advised me that it was formulated for ethnic skin, so I decided to give it a try. I purchased my IMAN foundation at Wal-mart for around $13 a fraction of the price of the other foundations. The only problem is that I don’t have a beauty consultant to speak with about finding the proper shade.Savvy Natural You: Iman shade Guide  I rolled the stick on my skin and the shade is darker than my face. I was worried that I wasted $13 but I took a wet beauty sponge blend the foundation onto my skin. Although a little darker, it still looked nice; plus I don’t mind looking more chocolate. Once evenly applied, I noticed my skin felt a bit stiff so I sprayed my face with some MAC Fix+ and used the beauty sponge again to further smooth the product and it looked and felt perfect.

Marsha Willis: Iman Foundation Marsha Willis:  Iman Foundation 2

After looking at a shade guide I think that I am more of a Clay 3 vs an Earth 3. I hope that there is a location with makeup artist that can help me to choose the best shade. Although the IMAN Stick foundation is not very expensive; I am not willing to keep purchasing it, in hopes of finding the perfect shade without testing out other first. None the less I think that product works beautifully with my skin and I will definitely take a closer look at IMAN Cosmetics other products.

Do you wear IMAN Foundation? What is your shade? Feel free to share your experience and photos?