Montego Bay Jamaica, Iberstar: Marsha Willis Living


So, I finally got to go to Jamaica. Not just go, but see the ocean for the first time. I was able to feel the warm sand between my toes. Fall asleep to the relaxing splash of the sea right outside my bedroom. I went horseback riding right into the ocean and walked through waterfalls. I made a goal to go to places that I’ve only seen on GOOGLE maps and I was right in the middle of nature’s beauty. I will travel the world but Jamaica is definitely on my regular getaway list. It was epic, it was exciting and it was unforgettable!
Marsha’s in Jamaica, Marsha’s in Jamaica! During the plane ride I was able to reflect upon how incredibly blessed I am. Going to Jamaica has been a dream come true and I was able to share the experience with people that I love. We had great time and I am already planning to go back next year. I love to fly! I am at peace when I am in the air. Give me a window seat so that I can see the houses, lights, clouds, mountains and for the first time ever the ocean. When we flew over the ocean, I thanked God for allowing me to see the ocean. Once we arrived in Jamaica the landing was like nothing I’ve ever experienced. As we made our way towards the ground it was as if we were about to land right into the sea. Within minutes we were flying through the clouds then nearly kissing the water right before the plane touched the runway. Everyone started clapping towards the end of the landing. As we were walking towards customs Ruddy started chanting, “Marsha’s in Jamaica, Marsha’s in Jamaica!” At last, I was in Jamaica! As soon as our resort transportation arrived, a storm hit us. In Kansas City, we had like 83 out of 100 days of monsoon weather and we get to Jamaican to monsoon weather. Luckily the storm did not last long.  The shuttle driver gave us an entertaining mini tour as we made our was to our home away from home for the next week. Everything was just so beautiful. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Marsha was in Jamaica!
Here is a breakdown of our vacation.
Day 1 – Travel, Enjoy, food, resort night life.
Day 2 – Beach Bum/Good East/Resort Life/Spa
Day 3 –  July 15 – Black River/YS Falls
Day 4 – July 16 – Horse Back on the Trail and In the Ocean/Cajun Resturant
Day 5 – July 17 My Birthday Shopping/ Sleeping/Sumfest/Eating
Day 6 – July 18 – Happy Sabbath/Church/Sumfest
Day 7 – July 19 –  Long Day of Travel Back Home

Marsha Willis Living

 Raining in Jamaica: Marsha Willis Living Raining in Jamaica: Marsha Willis Living

Hotel Staff Share a Meal : Marsha Willis Living
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Rudyard Henry and Dell Cegbe Marsha Willis LivingMarsha Willis walking on beach in Jamaica

Marsha on beach: Marsha Willis LivingSandy Toes : Marsha Willis LivingRudyard Henry and Dell Cegbe : Marsha Willis LivingBeach Bums, Marsha and Rudyard Henry : Marsha Willis LivingSeaside shopping: Marsha Willis LivingSeaside shopping: Marsha Willis Living

Rudyard Henry and Dell Cegbe Marsha Willis Living

Sun Set in Jamaica Marsha Willis Living Sun Set in Jamaica Marsha Willis Living



That’s all for now! I hope you enjoyed what I was able to capture from this fabulous adventure.