Ladies Day Trip | Powell Gardens

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As I was leaving Warrensburg 6 weeks ago, I saw the signs that said “Powell Gardens”. Immediately, I knew that was where I needed to be. Garden’s equals flowers. Flowers make me happy. Powell Gardens equals Happy Zone. Makes sense to me! So I decided to query Facebook to see who else wanted to go. I joined forces with blogger Cyndi Wright and the Ladies Day Trip to Powell Gardens was organized.

Our day started with breakfast at Niece’s Restaurant with served as our meet-up point, then a tour of Powell Botanical Gardens and lunch. I was able to connect with a dynamic group of women. Many that I have never even met before. The coolest part is that many of the women never visited the Powell Gardens before. We were able to experience it together. It was a privilege to have been able to meet these ladies.

Powell Gardens

One word: Breathtaking! It’s unfortunate that I have managed to miss out on a botanical garden that is just 30 minutes from my home. Powell Gardens began in 1948 when Kansas City businessman George E. Powell, Sr acquired the beautiful farmland. The gardens were once associated with the Boy Scouts of American and the University of Missouri’s School of Agriculture. Powell Gardens is now a not-for-profit organization supported by private donations and admission, gift shop and rental revenues. This 970-acre gem grows all of the flowers and vegetables needed to sustain the garden. This year they even started a weekly fresh fruits and veggies service.

Laced with beautiful architectural fixtures and fun sculptures; flowers are dug up and replaced and few months to keep the garden lush while showcasing seasonal varieties. That means that every time you go, you will likely see a completely new garden. This is going to make my future membership well worth it. I am already plotting another visit for The Festival of Butterflies exhibit that will start within the next few days. We were able to peek through the glass and see that they are in a space with all of the tropical plants; I must get into that room. (Smiles).

If you have not visited Powell Gardens, I highly suggest that you take your entire family.


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