The new year always brings about new aspirations but don’t just let it start and stop there. I have been putting the thoughts become things concept in place well before I read the book THE SECRET but the book helped me the really understand many of the lessons that I have learned over the years. For those of you who have been with me for a few years, know that I am a fan of Lisa Nichols and she has been a great teacher of The Secret concepts. One of the things that many find helpful is a Vision Board. We have all done some sort of Vision Board over the years, either at school, work, in a group or within the privacy of our homes. I like Vision Boards but my life is just way too complex for a regular one. I my thoughts are an evolution and I reserve the right to change my mind about any given thing at any given moment. I wanted something that could be a product of the way I operate so I created a LIVE VISION BOARD.

Unlike a regular Vision Board where you spend a few hours thumbing through a stack of magazines looking for image and phrases that capture how you feel and what you want. A Live Board allows you to pin your desires as you birth them. Then over time you are able to fill your board or boards up. I do have a few permanent (glued) phrases on the board but I also have some items on post-it notes, sticky cards, index card and printed images. This allows me to move my thoughts around and reorganize as needed. It also allows me to make edits. For now a few of the themes of my board are Finance, Relationship, Career, Home, Fitness and Travel.

Just to be clear about making edits to your vision board. I want you to make your goals and stick to them. Making edits does not mean you should change your mind about things that are on your vision board. Making edits is to allow you to laser focus on the things that you want to accomplish. For example, I put an image of and engagement ring and then say another ring that I like better so I changed it. The first ring was a just a temporary place holder until I found an image that represents exactly what I want. You may add buying your first home to your Live Vision Board and find an image to signify that but then when you find the specific home or style of home that you love it is perfectly fine to pin that instead.

I started my board in December and initially it only had my 2016 income goal of $150K and my Career goal. I now have a few more things added to my board and I will say that some of the things are already falling in place, so stay tuned for updates later.

The Live Vision Board is meant to be used as a visual reminder while allowing you to remain laser focused. Keep your board visible so that you can see it every day. Otherwise, you will not focus on the things that you’ve added to it. My Live Vision Board is in my bathroom near my Gratitude Jar and I cannot wait to see how my life will blossom this year.

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Update 4/25/2017


Bye, for now! XOXO