I am cringing as I say this but Dutchie (The Prince of Netherpaw) is three years old and NOT housebroken. I’ve tried everything! Despite him barking like a crazy dog at around 5 AM to go out every morning, he manages to try to use the kids room as a toilet. I have even removed the carpet in my kid’s room and out down wood floors. (IN MY APARTMENT). Giving him his walking papers have definitely crossed my mind one or a thousand times but he is so darn cute. Pulse my children would be crushed.

I travel a lot for work and during the summer the kids come with me. All last summer Dutchie stayed with his doctor in the kennel. By the way my furbaby’s doctor, Dr. Swoope, is the best vet in Kansas City. Although, his kennel rates for a dog Dutchie’s size are only $6/night, those rates add up; especially if his is there for weeks or in our case a month at a time. So when my job needed me to travel a few weeks ago I was determined to save some money and take my baby with with me. Plus, I always feel horrible leaving him at the kennel for extended periods of time. I needed an inexpensiveness and effective solution because I could not have him marking up my rental home while away.  Doggy diapers are expensive! Finally I have found a male diaper hack that we all afford. MALE DIAPER HACK

Male Dog Diaper Hack

Two words, BABY DIAPERS! Yes, baby diapers. Now I have tried this before and it failed. That is because I had it all wrong. I was trying to put it on like a normal baby diaper while cutting out a section for his tail. Then, I started looking at the male dog diapers at the pet store’s and realized that they were actually a belly band thingy. I likedthe solution but was not in favor of the price. Being that I already had baby diapers at home, I decided to turn them sideways and wrap when around Dutchie and it worked. I really wish that I had thought of this sooner. The joy of having our dog with us the entire two week time was invaluable.


The price of the disposable male dog diapers were $18 for just 12 wraps. They also had other solutions that included a belly band that you would add a pad to. Cute but also expensive! For less than double that I can get a case of more than 250 diapers. You do the math! Of course, a whole case isn’t necessary so for about $7 you can purchase 48 diapers. That equals many mark free days.


You do want to be careful not to keep the diaper on for too long as this can cause infection or skin break down. No different than in a human. Also clean your dogs belly with a dog wife or warm towel.


In the future, I would like to experiment with a washable method or at least a more fashionable alternative. I may have to bring out my sewing machine to create some cute belly bands for my baby. Let me know if you have any suggestions.


This post if not sponsored however I may earn a small commission if you do purchase the Luvs diapers through my affiliate link.