It seems like it’s been forever since my last personal post. I’m working on multiple projects and keeping busy. I’ve also interrupted a big project that is very important to me, so that I can work on some things with the Beauty Supply Institute. This project has me traveling back and forth to Atlanta over the next few months. Hopefully, I’ll be able to share all the great things that we are working on very soon. But for now, while my nails are looking particularly flawless, I decided to introduce a new segment called: MANICURE MONDAYS.

Don’t let the cooler weather stop you from keeping up on your nail and foot care routine. 

I went to the Nail Spa for a mani and pedi the day before I headed off for Atlanta. I was looking at fall colors until I thought to my self; “forget this, summer isn’t over yet!” Then I picked out some brighter colors. Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love fall and all the earth tones that remind me of fall; but I decided that I was going to take advantage of the last few days of summer by enjoying a pop of color.


During my visit at the Nail Spa I enjoyed a nice warm, long and relaxing pedicure with a foot rub along with a manicure. The polish that I chose for my toes was CHEEKY by ORLY. It’s sort of a pinkish-coral color with gold specks. For my hands I opted for a Gel polish and chose SWEET MORNING DEW by GELISH. Similar to Cheeky, it is pinkish-coral but without the gold specks, so I decided to add a little sparkle to my ring finger with some GOLD LACE by INC. I liked the outcome.
imageThe two colors seemed to be very close, until my hands are were near my toes. Good thing that is not likely to happen in public? Lol. Anyway it’s cute, so that’s all that matters.

Savvy Natural You: Manicure Mondays

While in Atlanta I was spoiled with a foot soak and reflexology foot rub. It was so relaxing and took my mind of off some of the crazies that occurred during the trip. (That’s a whole other post, if I decide to write about it). Just know that it should be called MARSHA’S LAW and not Murphy’s. Anything that can happen, will happen to Marsha. ANYWAY, let’s get back to the foot soak and rub; it was amazing.

I was in Atlanta for four nights and came home on a Monday night/Tuesday Morning. By then my nails were already grown out. My fingernails nails grow ridiculously fast. The next day I noticed the gel polish lifting up with air pockets underneath. I’ve had gel polish many times before and this was the third time that I’ve had a problem with it. The first time it just completely turned a different color the next day like it was some type of mood polish. The second time it was pretty much this same situation; polish lifting.

I never expect to wear a Gel manicure for three weeks like most nail stylist rave about, due to fast nail growth and not wanting to see a bunch of space between my nail and the polish. I do not expect peeling or chipping within a week. My hair even got caught in the parts that were lifting way too many times.

At that point the polish had to go. So I went back to the Nail salon this past Saturday for a soak off, another manicure and yes another gel polish application. This time I think that I’ll have better luck, due to the application not being put on so thick and not being applied right on my cuticles. I still didn’t get any fall colors. I decided to just go for a natural nail look. Now within the next few days when my nails are a mile long, the growth will not be as noticeable and maybe I’ll actually wear the polish for a full three weeks.

As for my toes, they are still looking good from the initial salon visit. Polish normally does really well on my toes. It literally doesn’t come off until I take it off. I didn’t do the gel on my toes for this reason.

My next manicure and pedicure will be at home. Now that we are officially enjoying fall, my nails are in need of a little nude. Specifically Opi Tickle My France-y.
I’m also seriously considering just purchasing all the things needed for the gel polish application and just doing my nails myself. I know how to do the gel application and it’s important that you have everything needed with gel polish or else they will not dry properly.

I’m really loving this natural natural look. It reminds my of my acrylic overlay days back when I would wear my nails the exact same way. You cannot go wrong with neat well kept nails, even If it’s void of color. I’ll definitely rock this look on and off throughout the end of the year.

Savvy Natural You: Manicure Mondays

Correction Monday, October 13th

Notice that I’m already planning my fall and winter foot and nail care routine. SNY, please do not neglect your feet just because it’s getting cooler/colder. I get manicures and pedicures all year round. Getting a pedicure doesn’t mean you have to go to the Nail Spa. I alternate between home and the salon. Sometimes I even do my nails while soaking in the bathtub. Year round foot and nail maintenance doesn’t have to be expensive but polish for the toes is mandatory. 🙂

Check back later this month for a list of home nail/foot care essentials and tips on how you can keep your toes and fingernails flawless all year round.

Be sure to share your Manicure Monday photos.

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Happy Fall. Thank you for sharing!