As we all know that first impression is the last one people will remember 1st  look at your outer appearance, 2nd your hands (if they’re ashy or smooth, 3rd your nails (if their well maintain). Manicure Mondays are focusing on bringing the salon to you. Both men and women benefit from a manicure. Many spend money on a professional manicure, but preforming an at home manicure is simple. Follow these steps for your Manicure Mondays: DIY Salon Quality Manicure Edition

Follow these steps to get a salon quality manicure:

  1. Take your file to shape your nail. There are 5 shapes: square, squoval, round, oval, and pointed. You will find that most common nail shape is oval. A person that works with their hands often have rounded nail beds. By keeping nails short and round this will cause less breakage. When filing the nail NEVER file back and forth over the tip and don’t file the sides of the nail. This will cause the nail to break.

Savvy Natural You: Nail Shape



  1. Soak hands in a bowl with soapy water to loosen any dirt under your nail and soften the cuticles. Depending on the conditions of your hand soak hand 5-10 minutes. For dry skin you need a moisture manicure. You can use Paraffin Wax, thick moisturize cream or Vaseline! Wrap your hands in Saran wrap and let set 10-15 minutes. To exfoliate for extra smoothness when washing hands use a salt or sugar scrub. The scrub mixture removes old and dry skin and your hands will be smooth.


  1. Dry hands with clean towel. Take the cuticle remover and rub on each finger with a cut tip. Allow to set a few minutes.



  1. With your wooden orange stick gently push back your cuticles. In a circular motion go around cuticle to remove and dead and loosen skin. Use the other end of the orange stick to clean underneath the nail.


  1. Wash and Dry hands.


  1. Use a three-way or four-way buffer to smooth out surface scratches and give the natural nail a brilliant shine


  1. Use a cotton swab or eye dropper to apply oil to each nail plate and massage oil into the nail plate and surrounding skin using a circular motion.


  1. After the massage wash and dry hands. Next you need to dehydrate the nail (remove all excess oil left from washing your hands) because when applying polish it won’t adhere well.


  1. Always apply a Base Coat. The Base Coat keeps polish from staining the nail plate and to help color polish to adhere to the nail plate.


  1. Apply 2 coats of polish to bring out color. Next apply Top Coat. The Top Coat prevents chipping and to give nails a glossy finished appearance.


Remember your nails aren’t tools, but a mirror to good health.

Zandra Nelson
Spilled Polish Salon

  • I love this. I recently starting taking hair and nail vitamins because my hair and nails are brittle and they break. My boyfriend would like for me to wear acrylic nails more often, but I’d prefer my natural nails. I didn’t realize that filing my nails down on the side causes it to chip, but it definitely makes sense. My next beauty purchase will be a nail kit. Are there any brands for the base/top coat you suggest using??

  • Thank you. Have you tried Jamaican Black Castor Oil? I like to message my nails and Scalp with it.

    You can never go wrong with OPI. I also like Sally Hansen.