I’ve gotten a bunch of questions and compliments about what I wore to NG last week. Unfortunately I don’t think that the photos I took outside my house are good enough to put on my blog so I didn’t plan to do a breakdown of the outfit. Anyway here you go…

Cream kimono sleeve top @ Asos – size large
Black and creams stripe maxi skirt-Mix Nouveau New York @ Burlington Coat Factory – size Small
Black Belt @ Forever 21
Cross Earrings – Guess @ Macys
Diamond Earrings @ Kays
Black Sandals – MIA @ Macys

Now I know y’all probably trying to figure out the size Small skirt (lol). I can look at something and tell that if I can fit it or not. Keep in mind that I’m very short and when it comes to skirts/dresses and knit pants I almost always have to go smaller. I can fit that shirt at my waist without a problem cause of the elastic band but it would have been way too long. I didn’t want to have it alerted so I wore it at right under my breast. That area only measures at 34″ so when I put a belt there it looks slimmer up and down  . Also the top was a crop top so all I did was tucked the top into the belt to give it a dress look.

I like wearing separates because I can get so much with those pieces separately. That skirt can easily be paired with a cami, blazer and heels to be business meeting ready.


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