Hi Beautiful! It’s been an exciting week for me and to add to everything I agreed to let my niece, Mekhi spend the night with Olivya. Yes, on a school night! It’s hard to tell her no. Anyway her mom straightened her hair days before and it was in a bun. I found out after I woke her up to get ready for school, that she wet her hair in the shower and it was a frizzy mess.  I had someplace to be and she had school; so I had to work fast to shampoo and style in 30 minutes. The results were beautiful and I won the super cool aunt award.


Here’s what I used:

    • Shea Moisture Shampoo
    • Shea Moisture Conditioner
    • My D.I.Y. water and Glycerin Leave in Spray
    • Mixed Chicks paddle brush
    • K.I.S.S. Handle-less dryer
    • Remington 1″ flat Iron
    • 5 hair pins
    • 3 Sectioning Clips

Marsha Willis LivingAfter cleansing and conditioning her hair, I put her hair in 4 sections, sprayed each section with my water/Glycerin mix and quickly de-tangled using my Mixed Chicks paddle brush.  Then I applied a small amount of olive oil to further lock in the moisture and protect her hair from the heat. Mekhi was shocked at how quick and ouch-less the process was and had the nerve to ask for my brush when I was done with her hair. Basically, I no longer have my favorite de-tangling tool.

Marsha Willis Living

After detangling, I used the Kiss Handle-less dryer with comb attachment to dry each section. My goal was to get her hair as straight as possible. Mission accomplished.

Marsha Willis LivingMarsha Willis Living

After drying I parted about an inch of hair from ear to ear. This is the hair that I planned to leave out. I then separated her hair into two sections and put in two simi-loose cornrows. The braids are tighter at the ends to prevent unraveling. Next, using hairpins I crossed the braids at the back and pinned them to one another.

Marsha Willis Living

Finally, I added a few spiral curls using my Remington flat iron.

Marsha Willis LivingMarsha Willis LivingMarsha Willis Living

It’s been so long since I’ve done Mekhi’s hair, that she doesn’t remember. She loved the results and asked if I would do her hair all the time. Olivya has locs so I no longer have to do the day to day styling of a little girls hair. With that begin said I definitely declined the request to regularly style Mekhi’s hair. I will not give in on that request; I guarantee.

I often wear my hair like this minus the curls. Be sure to post your recreation of this style. Thanks for sharing.

  • MsSymone

    Such a cute style for a girl or an adult…..I think it would work on medium length hair as well.

  • Thanks. Yes, this style can work on medium length hair too.