I plan to write 2-3 books. I haven’t told many people yet but I am actually working on my first book now. I started off by finding as many books and articles that I could find about writing a book then I decided that I was ready to get started. Initially I started with a writing goal of 3000 words per day but I felt that something was missing. I needed a strategy that would help to develop me as a writer and strengthen my foundation so that I could effectively write by books. I am so happy that I stepped back. I decided to focus more on being a great writer and speaker so that I can share my stories with you. To do that I to signed up for Speak and Write to Make Millions with Lisa Nichols I could not make it to the event but I was able to be part of the live stream. That was the foundation that I needed and I look forward to sharing my stories with you in the future.

I tell folk that I am already a millionaire, my money just hasn’t made it to the bank yet. I have a million dollar mindset and I am claiming it. I can’t wait so share my stories with you.

Speak and Write

I was super excited to see my face pop up on the live stream at Speak & Write. There were 500 people at the the event and over 1000 people in the live stream. So I was happy to see that of the after all of the live streamer, by photo was one to be shown. Jeah!


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