Hi Beautiful! Tampons, Pads and Toilet Paper have been on my mind a lot lately. About 2 months ago I was sitting at my desk at work when I noticed a lady walk into the restroom, walk back out, go over to a co-works desk, walk away with a tampon, then go back into the restroom. That quick transaction made me remember that I wanted to bring some ladies hygiene items for the restroom in my department. The next day, I stopped by Walmart to get supplies. Then, I decided that tampons and pads should be just as accessible as toilet paper.

Hygiene : Marsha Willis Living

Let’s fast forward some years back during my time at a previous company. We had those machines in the wall with pads and tampons. You know, the vending machine type where you insert a quarter and take the item. Then one day, they just put a sign up saying, ONLY TAKE WHAT YOU NEED! I did not really appreciate the fact that the company cared enough about the ladies to provide the items for free. But then, once I opened my store I added those items to the restroom for anyone who used it. I still did not think much more about it, I had just became accustomed to having those items in the work restroom. Now, I strongly   feel that it needs to be standard is all public restrooms.



What you need: 

1 jumbo pack of maxi pads

1 box of tampons

1 box of panty liners

1 box of feminine wipes

1 plastic shelf, container or small basket

1-2 take what you need signs

All it took was about $20 to get started. Of course your kit can include more or less. Once I got to work I found a plastic rolling bin, placed a sign on it saying, TAKE WHAT YOU NEED and that was it. After a few days, I noticed that other women started adding more items like more pads, tampons and baby wipes. So far I have not had to any additional items since I started the supply more than 2 months ago. I would love to get this started in other departments within my company but for now I will continue to watch the supplies in my own department.

Does your job other women’s hygiene items? Do you plan to put together a hygiene kit at your company? If you plan to start this at your company, I highly recommend using coupons and catching sales, plus seeing if other ladies would like to chip in and help get it started.