Teaching Our Daughters How to Care for Natural Hair

I never considered teaching my 10 year old how to care for her hair until recently.  I saw a YouTube video by DiscoveringNatural of a nine year old, co-washing her hair, that resulted to her styling her hair in a puff. It made me think that maybe we should all be teaching our daughters how to style her natural hair.

Just like many new naturals that are overwhelmed with Natural Hair and don’t know how to care for their hair, what styles to wear and what products work best; even a our Daughters that have always been natural can
experience that same issue. I know many mom’s who send their Daughters to the stylist once every week or so, to get professionally styled until they send them off to college. It’s important that we teach them how to care for their hair now so that when she is older she is less likely to be frustrated and already have built in confidence about her hair.

My Libby has shampooed her hair, then I go behind her to make sure it’s all rinsed out but that is all.  Olivya has locs and maintenance is definitely different than how I do my own hair. I am the one who actually started her locs and have always maintained them. So I can certainly teach her how to re – twist then herself. During her next shampoo I’ll begin my lessons with her.
I also consider, hypothetically of course; what if for some reason,  I wasn’t around?  Would a different care giver be as passionate about natural hair as I am? If we instill confidence in our little girls,  plus provide them with the tools and knowledge to be successful, if for some reason someone else had to care for her, she would know how to manage her hair hopefully eliminating any thoughts of them chemically altering her hair. We can’t expect for someone who is not natural to have the patience, know how, and want to;  when dealing with your daughter’s hair.  Just like it can be overwhelming for a new natural,  it can be the same for them.

I am inspired to do my part in keeping my daughter FOREVER NATURAL. I hope that you are too.  Subscribe to our page for updates.