UniverSoul Circus

Savvy Natural YOU - UniverSoul 3

I have been to a few UniverSoul Circus performances and this summer’s appearance was by far the absolute best. I was given 5 tickets to attend the UniverSoul Circus as part of the Media Day and Opening day. I decided to take my two children and 19 year-old sister. When I told them that we were able to attend, they were very excited. Being that I had already been to a few UniverSoul Circus events during the prior years, I already knew what you expect; a few exotic animals, trapeze swingers, clowns and dancing.  Yes, that is what I saw and a whole lot more.

Savvy Natural You- UniverSoul Circus collage

During the performances I was smiling and dancing and seeing things that I couldn’t believe. I felt like a kid again as I watched with amazement. It wasn’t just a circus act it was a display of diversity, culture, morals and most of all FUN. I felt like I was at a magic show as I witnessed outfit changes within seconds and women turn into tigers right before my eyes. The trapeze swingers displayed a story of perseverance; showing the kids not to accept defeat. My daughter decided to ride the elephant, my son didn’t want to. I was able to score a few photos of her on the elephant and she is still talking about it. Plus I danced with the clowns. Yes I said it, I danced with the clowns. Near the end of the show we were dancing at our seats to the awesome music and the clowns pointed me out and told me to come dance with them. Somewhere in cyberspace there is a video of us dancing.  It seems that everyone I knew was there that day because I got tons of calls and messages right after it happened.

It was so much more than a circus it was an awesome experience and my children and already asking about going next year. The circus has a few more stops left this year. Check out a performance in a city near you.

I was given free tickets to write this review however all opinions are my own.