Use Garlic to Keep Your Hair From Shedding

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Use Garlic to Keep Your Hair From Shedding

You may use garlic to add some “kick” to your favorite meals, but it can do wonders for your hair as well. Who knew you can use garlic to keep your hair from shedding and see more growth?

During the warmer months our hair tends to shed a little more than normal and many people hit the panic button when they see long strands of hair shedding in their sinks and on their clothes. However, not all shedding is a reason for alarm. Shedding is a normal part of your hair’s natural growth process. Hair grows in 3 phases: growing, resting, and shedding. Each and every hair on your head (and body) will go through these three phases. The hair on your head will grow for years before shedding and being replaced with a new hair.

However, some shedding is not normal and can cause hair thinning. Stress, hormonal issues or nutritional deficiencies usually cause this type of shedding. For example, many women will have excessive shedding after childbirth or starting/stopping birth control pills. Eventually shedding from stress and hormones will stop over time.

Here’s the trick: Add garlic to your regular conditioner, it can help stop your excessive shedding immediately. To use this natural remedy, simply add crushed garlic to your favorite conditioner and deep condition with it (this means to cover with a plastic cap and use heat for about 20 minutes. ) Fresh garlic cloves are probably best, but some say a few teaspoons of garlic powder will do the trick. Try it the next time you have excessive shedding and let us know what you think.

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